Updated Vitamin B12 Recommendations

Updated Vitamin B12 Recommendations

Written By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM on October 5, 2021

Here are the 2021 latest Updated Vitamin B12 Recommendations by Dr. Michael Greger. Vitamin B12 is the one supplement you need to add.

Vitamin B12 is not made by plants or animals, but by microbes that blanket the earth. In today’s sanitized, modern world, the water supply is commonly chlorinated to kill off any bacteria. So, while we don’t get much B12 in the water anymore, we don’t get much cholera, either, which is a good thing! A regular, reliable source is critical for anyone eating a plant-based diet. 

What does the latest research on B12 say? This infographic is a summary of the main takeaways and my updated recommendations. Scroll down to download the PDF file

For more information on the importance of Vitamin B12 – see Dr. Gregers Information on his website.

Click below to download the PDF Version

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