My journey on a Plant-Based Diet has been remarkable and quite eye opening. I am a firm believer that eating a plant-based diet will make all the difference in your life. A Plant-Based Revolution and A Plant-Based Cookbook is dedicated to whole food plant-based nutrition. It includes this website and my book, A Plant Based Revolution. I would love to hear from you about your journey!

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My journey to health with a plant-based diet began in Michigan where I grew up on a small farm. Naturally, our diet was the standard American diet (SAD). Fortunately for me, I did not experience any major health problems until 2005. While taking hormone replacement therapy, I suffered two TIA’s back-to-back.

This would change my life forever.  After 8 hours in the ER on two separate days, I realized at that moment it was the medication.  You see when I turned 50, my regular MD kept insisting I take replacement hormone therapy. Even though I informed him of a really bad reaction a long time ago when taking birth control prior to getting married, he still insisted and promised he would monitor me weekly. But 3 months almost to the day, the first TIA occurred, then another on the following day. A CT Scan was performed to ensure there was no damage to the brain.  What resulted in the two episodes though left a huge impact – I now had Essential Tremors. 

It seemed mild at first, then progressively worsened as the days went on. I could barely write my name and immediately sought out a specialist. I was given a “cocktail” of 3 different medications to help control the shaking – 3 medications 2 times a day!  However, after 3 years, another episode landed me back in the ER.  This time a blood panel revealed that I had a toxic level in my system from one of the medications. 

The Turning Point

During this time I had continued to gain weight from the various medications. My cholesterol and blood pressure were sky-high, IBS was rearing its ugly head, cholesterol and triglyceride counts were high, my eyesight was getting poor, acid reflux, knee pain and my sinus infections continued to get worse. I was so susceptible now to getting bronchitis and pneumonia several times a year. At that time, I knew my health would continue to deteriorate if I did not make changes. I started researching everything I could get my hands on. I slowly eliminated red meat, eating only chicken, turkey and fish. Eliminated chicken and turkey and tried one thing after another and eating more vegetables, but no noticeable change. And I didn’t eliminate oil because “everyone” said it was healthy.

In January of 2018 with the recommendation of a co-worker, I watched “What The Health” and “Forks Over Knives”.  I was shocked and knew then if I didn’t change how I ate, it could spiral out of control. I hated being on any medication and was eager to embark on this journey. But now the question – what is the next step? How do I start this?

My journey on a plant-based diet started with the forks over knives and what the health documentaries
Forks Over Knives and What The Health Documentaries

I decided the healthiest way was to embark on a whole food plant-based diet (WFPB). Like many, I became lost with not knowing exactly what to do and the questions began.  Where exactly does one begin?  How much am I supposed to actually eat?  There is sugar in fruit so is it really good for us? Is this OK – is that OK?  Do you cleanse first?  What is the difference between plant-based and whole food plant-based? So many questions and I didn’t know where to turn for help.  

healthy food is good for your body
Eat clean

One thing I didn’t do was I never gave up and continued to seek answers.  I knew if I gave up, I would never get to experience the rewards of being healthy again. Likewise, how great it has been to eat a whole food plant-based diet. Within the first month, I could feel the difference. In the 2nd and 3rd months, I felt a great amount of energy. We’re talking tons of energy. 4-5 months in, I noticed my hands were not shaking as much. At this point, I made the decision to immediately stop taking the one medication that was at a toxic level to my system.

Then I made the decision to take myself off of all the medication except one (Please don’t do this though – work with your doctor before taking yourself off of all medication. If you don’t trust your doctor, find one that will listen to you). I gradually removed the 2nd one. With the third medication, I was now down to taking just 1 a week!  Imagine going from  3 – twice a day to just 1 medication once a week.  I have never felt so good. And I did not have the “brain fog’ any longer that often comes with medications.

Meeting Dr. Breakey

However, It was not until 6 months later when I attended a seminar conducted by the PBNSG group. The guest speaker was Dr. Robert Breakey, MD – a plant-based doctor. It was a light bulb moment that provided so many answers and relief. It is my belief I was at the right place at the right moment.  

Immediately I switched to his practice, and from there his guidance was invaluable. I often told people “you just cannot put a price on it”.  Dr. Breakey gave me a road map that I followed to a “T”. I stopped the things that were hindering me, and finally everything just fell into place and improved even more. 

The Home Stretch

I lost over 30 lbs. and went from a size 12 to a size 8. This was indeed a journey – but one well worth traveling.  You gain a better understanding of food and how our bodies heal with the proper nutrition. 

my garden is my happy place
My garden is my happy place!

As a result of being on a plant-based diet, as I previously stated, my tremors are very minimal, blood work coming back good, no “brain fog”, no acid reflex, no IBS symptoms, no more pain in my knee, and no sinus infections for the first time in years! And more good news….. My eyesight has improved a lot! 50% improvement in the right eye and 25% in the left eye. All because I took a leap of faith and never stopped.

In summary, it is my desire to be able to help others on their journey. I want everyone to have all the tools they need to set them up for success.  Eating a whole food plant-based diet changed our lives!   You “have nothing to lose but you have everything to gain”

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Breakey and for all the love, support, and encouragement many have given, and for cheering me on along the way. My journey on a plant-based diet has been rewarding. Through this journey, the success of A Plant-Based Revolution & A Plant-Based Revolution Cookbook would not be possible without the support of so many, especially my family.  My wish is for everyone to experience this wonderful transformation as I have. I want you to be the healthiest you can be!  If I can do it, so can you!

Bowl of whole food goodness - A Plant-Based Revolution
Bowl of whole food goodness

A Plant Based Revolution is dedicated to whole food plant-based nutrition with no oil and minimal salt.