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Is this expensive?

How much will this cost? This is one thing people often wonder about – whether eating plant-based will cost more than they currently spend.  Oftentimes that is not the case.  The cost of your food actually will either stay the same or will cost less.  Meat, fish, and poultry are often the most expensive items people buy each month.  This really depends on the spending habits and your personal eating preferences.  In the long run, it really does depend on what you purchase.  

For me, I have saved a ton of money. I often buy things in bulk and put it in my pantry and replace when I am down to the last 1 or 2 of that item.

Can I Still Eat Out

A quick way to see what you spend eating out is to look at your most recent receipts. Add up how much you spent on food, (make sure you add it restaurants, etc. from your favorite place).  Remember, when eating out, it will take away from your monthly budget. This could also be the foods that are making you sick. 

Consider preparing your foods at home.  This could be the best choice and is the easiest on your wallet.  This also keeps you focused on your path to wellness.  When you look at the cost of eating out, you probably make the very similar meals for half the cost. 

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If you decide you want to go out to eat, I immediately check out the various menus for restaurants online. I look at it ahead of time, & call to ask if a specific item can be made for me. You can do the same.  Most restaurants not only cook with oil, but they use prepared items already mixed with oil and sugar. 

When it comes to restaurants, there are some apps you can download on your phone. These will help you find some great places to eat, one being Happy Cow.  This gives you approximate costs for your meal so people can plan ahead.  Planning ahead will help you save time and money. 

How To Handle Grocery Shopping

This is one thing that really depends on your personal choices.  For example, for many buying meat in general, can be an expensive item to purchase.  Foods like this can really impact your overall health.  With Prepared foods, most have preservatives present so reading labels is essential.  In most cases, prepared foods have been heavily or “ultra” processed. This can be unhealthy for you so this is one reason to stay away from it.  Some are minimally processed such as tempeh, but this is a healthy alternative for you. So, in short, purchasing convenience items can be costly.  It’s better for you to prepare your own meals, even freezing leftovers to use in other recipes. 

grocery shopping

Continuing on, do not fall for all the marketing techniques.  Trust me, there are a lot. One of the biggest now are foods labeled “plant-based, vegan, organic”, even the newest “faux” meat.  Of course, you end up paying more for items such as that.  It is always better when you learn to make your own version of these. When you do, they will be without all the fillers and preservatives – the unhealthy  types of items.  Another important question I had was about buying organic.  While there are some items that are good to purchase organic, it is not necessary to buy everything organic.  Regardless, it is crucial to always wash your fruits and vegetables to remove any residue of any type of spray. 

Michele Wallace

Entrepreneur and author of A Plant-Based Michele has also earned her Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from eCornell University. The book is an easy and complete guide for those wanting to get healthy and offers step-by-step instructions, including over 85 delicious and healthy recipes.
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