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The following is an excerpt from Dr. Greger & NutritionFacts.org

The following excerpt is from his article on A Healthy Living Resource “Evidenced Based Eating Guide”. Dr. Greger is the author of the New York Times Best Seller “How Not To Die” book, “How Not To Die Cookbook” and the “How Not To Diet“. His books can be purchased on Amazon.

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The number one cause of death in America is the American diet.1 Many people assume that our manner of death is pre-programmed into our genes. High blood pressure by fifty-five, heart attacks at sixty, maybe even cancer at seventy, and so on… But for most of the leading causes of death, the science shows that our genes often account for only 10-20% of the risk at most.2 For example, when people move from low-risk to high-risk countries, their disease rates almost always change to those of the new environment. New diet, new diseases. But the reverse is also true. If we’re eating the Standard American Diet and switch to a diet higher in whole plant foods, such as fruits and vegetables, this may lower your risk.

To continue reading Dr. Greger’s article on Evidenced Based Eating Guide, please click here to be directed to the article on NutritionFacts.org

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Entrepreneur and author of A Plant-Based Revolution.com. Michele has also earned her Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from eCornell University. The book is an easy and complete guide for those wanting to get healthy and offers step-by-step instructions, including over 85 delicious and healthy recipes.
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